Presenting an ‘Interview with the Founder’ series. This week, in our first interview we’re talking to Nick Reed - the founder of modern sustainable brand, Neem London. Neem London is a brand that believes in climate conscious clothing, winning consumers’ hearts with their power casual menswear collections and revolutionizing fashion by doing things differently.  



  • What inspired you to pursue building your brand and bringing it to life?
  • Seeing certain firms' myopic and selfish responses to the pandemic throughout my 20 years in the apparel industry inspired me to launch a new model.


  • What were the biggest challenges for you to launch it?
  • Developing the yarn into a smarter, more attractive yet elegant product while using 50% recycled cotton along with finding suppliers who will support the idea and stand by it.

  • Why do you think Sustainability in the Fashion industry is so important?
  • Change is the only option because over 45 billion metres of fabric were manufactured in China alone last year.

  • Can you share your greatest lesson you have learned while working in the fashion industry?
  • Look closely at the supply chain and only produce goods you genuinely adore.

  • Can you tell us about the fabrics/materials that you use and why you chose them?
  • We use two core products: a 50 percent recycled cotton and 50 percent organic cotton blend that uses more than 40% less C02e than a standard shirt; we are working hard to increase the blend to 60% recycled cotton. Merino ZQ Wool done correctly. ZQ is a wool certification standard that represents a higher standard of living. For the sake of the animals, our planet, our people, and you

  • What makes your products stand out?
  • We make elegant modern sustainable style for the post pandemic office.

  • How do you think the fashion industry can be improved?
  • Buyers who know the products, fewer sales, and a commitment to using recycled low-impact materials, as well as legislation proposed in New York, such as an extended producer responsibility tax and a fashion sustainability and social accountability act.

  • Is there a specific type of style you aim for when designing your products or do you experiment with different styles throughout the whole process of creating an item?
  • Cary Grant meets Richie Tennabaum with an essence of 1930s English cricket style.

  • In times of tough challenges how do you overcome them?
  • Listen to good music, Here’s the link to our playlist.

  • Which aspects of your production process have changed over time and why?
  • To reduce sampling, we now use 3D design.

    Tap the link to discover their summer interactive modern yet stylish menswear collection and add them to your wear well bag.