This week in our ‘Interview with the founder’ series we present the founder of The Dust Company, Luca Ricci. The Dust Company prioritises the Made in Italy legacy, and the leather craftsmanship that manifests in goods with alluring designs.


    What inspired you to pursue building your brand and bringing it to life?

    I always had a passion for leather since I worked in my father's company so I used to breath leather all the time. I was looking for a new bag and I couldn't find what I wanted so I created my first bag. 

        What were the biggest challenges for you to launch it?

        As all the new adventures it needs a lot of dedication and efforts. What you need the most is passion that is what drives all what we do.

          Why do you think Sustainability in the Fashion industry is so important?

          Because I think as in all sectors we move towards something that is clean and not polluted. This is valid for everything as we can see in the world. 

          Can you share your greatest lesson you have learned while working in the fashion industry?

          You need to have a lot of passion and not take anything for granted.

          Can you tell us about the fabrics/materials that you use and why you chose them?

          We prefer Vegetable Tanned leather over Chrome Tanned Leather. 

            What makes your products stand out?

            Quality and Simplicity, that is the most difficult goal to achieve.

              A lot of people find working in the fashion industry fascinating. What does your usual work routine consist of?

              Just working and I don’t think too much about other things.

                Do you have any other designers that inspire you? Who’s your idol? (in fashion and otherwise)

                Steve Jobs

                  Is there a specific type of style you aim for when designing your products or do you experiment with different styles throughout the whole process of creating an item?

                  Nothing specific we try our best to make something nice and foremost credible.

                  In times of tough challenges how do you overcome them?

                  There are always tough challenges everyday, this is a part of life. We need to be prepared to work hard.

                    In what ways does your brand interact with the consumer?

                    I believe we use the same channels as the other brands do: social media and customer exposure.

                      What kind of message do you want your brand to reflect on the public?

                      A Simple and Clean Product with a touch of Glamour and Elegance.

                        Where do you see your brand in the near future? 

                        We would like to see our brand growing and be of utmost importance.

                          Which aspects of your production process have changed over time and why?

                          We produce bags in a traditional way, and we try to preserve these production techniques and what all the ancient people have thought about us. This is way our products maintain a retro and vintage look. 

                            Click on the link to discover their elegant yet sustainable collection of leather goods and add them to your favourites bag!