We have been on a journey to find you the best sustainable influencers out there. We define them as the voice that will make an impact because of their strong belief in protecting the environment and adopting a new better lifestyle!

Let’s check out together who made it to the list of our favourite influencers this month. 

Corinna @kissenundkarma:

We begin with Corinna, who is on a mission to make the world a little greener and a better place to live in. Well, the influencer is doing a great job at it. You might ask - how? By sharing posts about sustainable fashion and home inspirations, but also giving interesting ideas about eco-travel and mindfulness.

Clare Press @mrspress:

Today, this fashion influencer or ex-features editor of Australian Vogue changed her whole mindset from promoting fashion that wasn’t slow to now being an advocate to sustainable fashion.

Youheum @healyourliving:

This blogger is all about leading a healthy and happy life. She is focused on sharing and spreading compassion while promoting a sustainable lifestyle and mindset to support a happy living soul. She is here to help as many people as possible to find their inner peace. 

Elizabeth Farrell @glacier996girl:

You can call her Glacier Girl! Elizabeth raises awareness about climate change and urges her followers to take action as soon as possible in order to adopt an “eco-friendly” lifestyle that can be spread throughout the generations to come. 

Aditi Mayer @aditimayer:

Aditi is a sustainable fashion blogger whose aim is to explore the intersections between style, sustainability and social justice. Yes, the woman became a voice for sustainability fighting against the idea of equality, labor justice and climate change. Not to forget that she is also a photographer, a model and a creative consultant. We can only say that we are proud to have such influencer to follow!

 Karen @sustainabledaisy:

Karen shows her passion for sustainability through different ways such as saving money and expressing her gratitude for what she owns. She is the kind of person who strives to be a conscious consumer by all means. Her scope of work isn’t limited at all: she is an Environmental Health and Safety professional as well as a LEED Green Associate.

Michelle Chavez @michelleforgood:

Her blog is called “Michelle For Good” and she is on a mission to bring light towards the conscious capitalism movement, while also promoting solutions for a more sustainable way of living. For her it’s all about acting ethically!

Immy Lucas @sustainably_vegan:

Immy inspires people when it comes to environmental sustainability. One may ask how? Through sharing content to her followers about greenwashing, veganism, and explaining more about the meaning of carbon neutral.

Petra Alexandra @petraalexandra:

She is a marketer at heart with projects revolving around creating content for local and sustainable companies. She is all for slow fashion and promotes it clearly on her online blog and on her Instagram page.

Shae Burns @shaesburns:

A San Diego based influencer wanting to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability, conscious style and clean beauty. After going in depth into the negative impacts related to the fashion industry, Shae did a 180 with her personal blog called “Shae Necessities”, which illustrates her passion to empower women and convincing them to be more conscious when it comes to their spending habits. 


We hope that you like the article. Come back for exciting content next month.