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White silk flower Accessory made from Organic Silk

VENDOR: Pure One



Unleash your inner flower power with this one-of-a-kind organic peace silk creation, meticulously crafted by our talented artisan master in Kyiv, Ukraine. This exquisite flower is the perfect accessory to adorn your silk or velour dress or top, ensuring that you'll be the talk of the town. Each petal radiates sustainable beauty, highlighting our commitment to eco-friendly fashion. Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with this sustainable masterpiece. Let your style blossom and show the world that sustainable fashion is the way to go. Get ready to turn heads and leave a trail of floral envy in your wake.


Embark on a delightful journey into the essence of sustainable fashion with Pure One, an exquisite brand hailing from Ukraine. Blending elegance with a playful twist, Pure One beckons to the discerning woman who cherishes timeless values over fleeting trends. Each design is lovingly crafted using eco-friendly materials, giving you a guilt-free reason to flaunt your unique sense of style. Meticulously considering every step of the production process, Pure One ensures that sustainability is at the core of their creations. By choosing Pure One, you not only look fabulous but also join their whimsical mission to create a brighter and greener future. Let your fashion shine with Pure One, where sustainability meets playful sophistication.


- 100% organic peace silk, GOTS certified


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All our labels align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. All the labels showcased on our platform are a part of this initiative. Pure One aligns with the following:  


White silk flower Accessory made from Organic Silk

White silk flower Accessory made from Organic Silk