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BON ECO Mat & Pillow Bundle made with Organic Linen Fabric

VENDOR: Bed of Nails



To get the most out of using BON ECO, get this BON ECO Bundle of Mat and Pillow to benefit from both laying on your mat while you use your pillow on your neck or lumbar or under your feet at the same time.

The BON ECO Mat and Pillow are covered with a breathy 100% organic linen fabric. The mat is filled with 100% biodegradable coconut fiber and the pillow is filled with 100% biodegradable buckwheat hulls. Since the buckwheat hull is springy and doesn't compress under pressure, it provides a firm, contouring support that helps the proper rest of your head and neck positioning and will reduce stress on your neck, head, and spine, or on any area of the body.


Bed of Nails started the global acupressure mat movement back in 2009. They have worked hard to create the most comfortable and practical acupressure products on the market. How? By adding more nails and making their products safe for you and for the environment.

The mystical bed of nails originated over 1,000 years ago and was used by gurus in the practice of meditation and healing. Bed of Nails® has created a modern, ergonomically designed version of that ancient technology, with more nails than any other brand, to model those same deep healing effects of acupressure and massage.


This BON ECO line features sustainable materials that are better for the environment and more luxurious for you:

- 8,820 precision Acupressure Nails (210 x "42-nails" acupressure plates) made of 100% Non-Toxic Recyclable HIPS plastic secured to the linen fabric with a melting process rather than environmentally damaging glue.

- 100% Organic Linen Fabric: Did you know linen requires less water to grow than other fabric materials? It's also stronger when wet, recyclable, and biodegradable. Linen is also more hygienic to use as it breathes better, which keeps you cool and dry. 

- 100% Coconut Fiber: Biodegradable, coconut fiber filling gives the mat a heavier, more substantial feel and even more long-lasting strength. It provides a firm, contouring support while allowing for constant air circulation.

- 100% Buckwheat Hulls: Biodegradable, these hulls allow for constant air circulation through the pillow, keeping you cool and dry.



Mat: 28.5 x 16.5 x 1" (74 x 41 x 2 cm)

Pillow: 14.5 x 6 x 4" (38 x 15 x 10 cm)


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All our labels align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. All the labels showcased on our platform are a part of this initiative. BED OF NAILS aligns with the following:

BON ECO Mat & Pillow Bundle made with Organic Linen Fabric

BON ECO Mat & Pillow Bundle made with Organic Linen Fabric