It’s June, which means we have a new list of sustainable leaders coming through. These influencers, activists and other players in the sustainability field will give you more tips and DIY’s on how to lead a low waste life and live ethically and consciously. Today, our aim as a company is to create a hub of sustainable influencers and thought leaders which will inspire you to do better each day. Let's take a look at our favourite people to follow for the month of June.

Kate @my_Plastic_free_home:

Let's start our list with Kate, a UK based influencer that is all about conscious consumerism and adopting a low waste lifestyle. Through her Instagram page, she posts eco-friendly tips and DIY’S all of which support recycling and promote a sustainable way of life.

Arizona Muse @arizona_muse:

Aside from being a world class model, Arizona is a sustainability advocate who is the founder of (a foundation of the Regeneration of the earth). She is all about educating the world about environmental sustainability, and protecting the earth against climate change.

Candice M Tay @candicemtay:

Candice shares advice based on personal experiences. She encourages her followers to adopt a conscious consumerism mindset. So, if you’re looking to switch to a more sustainable way of life, then Candice is the one you should refer to! 

Laura Stöckl @loewie8:

Laura’s route towards fashion sustainability is based on searching for recycling forms and tracking the manufacturing processes of clothes. Throughout her digital channels, she promotes styling tips and collaborates with conscious brands. She believes strongly that the best solution to improve fashion’s impact on nature is by shopping vintage and eco-friendly. 

Blue Ollis @blueollis:

Intentional living is what defines this influencer. Her content features low-waste lifestyles and green living tips. On the other hand, Blue Ollis is also an e-book writer, who wrote about delicious vegan recipes while reflecting her true passion towards animals and mother Earth.

Jhánneu @jhanneu: 

This lady is a Youtuber and an influencer who provides ideas on how to embark on a low waste journey. She is also known for being a sustainability expert. It is interesting to see how her posts reflect on many subjects such as wellness, home and of course intentional living.

Nour Livia @nourlivia:

Known for being a “friendly vegan witch”, this blogger is also an e-book writer and has her own YouTube channel where she shares ongoing conversations about the environment which highlights her support for sustainability.

Kamea Chayne @greendreamerkamea:

Known for having a podcast called “Green Dreamer”, Kamea is first of all a sustainability influencer but also a voice and a guide, who shares ongoing conversations with her followers covering every aspect when it comes to sustainability such as fashion, social justice, politics, corporatism and more.

Taylor Pfromer @taylor.pforwords:

Taylor is a climate activist whose purpose is to show how living a low waste life can save the planet but can also save money. Her Instagram page highlights the importance of being individually responsible and eco-friendly when it comes to helping the environment and leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Adele Clarke @nestanddressed:

Color lover, second hand shopper, conscious consumer and body positive cheerleader, those are the words that describe Adele best. Well, through her blog "Nest and Dressed", Adele shares her love for fashion, adventure and creativity. But what’s really inspiring is that we can see her passion and desire when it comes to doing things in a more ethical, conscious and sustainable way.


We hope you enjoyed our list for the month of June. We can't wait to share with you more inspiration next month!