We are presenting another exciting interview between the founder of the brand, Masson & Green, Michael Baines and the founder of the brand, Alfa Vega, Ieva Balciute. Masson & Green is all about the sustainable ethos and produces premium clothing for menswear. 


What inspired you to pursue building your brand and bringing it to life?

Working in the textile industry for over 25 years developing and selling to the UK high street, I was disillusioned about the way garment manufacture was all about profit and not about making garments that last and are value for money. So, I decided to create a brand that makes honest garments, built to last and are super sustainable as well.

What were the biggest challenges for you to launch it?

For me the challenges came after the launch not before. Getting a small brand name trusted and out in the market when its super competitive is really tough.

Why do you think Sustainability in the Fashion industry is so important?

The amount of clothing land fill is an embarrassment and should not be allowed to happen. Also, all new clothing now needs to last more than a few months to stop the throw away society and any raw materials we use needs to be kind to the planet to help with the climate issues we face. We need to use less water, less chemicals and recycled fabrics when possible.

Can you tell us about the fabrics/materials that you use and why you chose them?

We only use organic cotton, or recycled cotton or recycled polyester (made from plastic bottles) in our clothing range. We also use wool in our hats and flat caps, which we feel is a really important sustainable raw material, even though some people would differ.

What makes your products stand out?

We don’t follow trends regarding shape and colours. We make garments that will look good today, next month, next year or the next decade. Therefore, no reason to throw away. Our prices are super competitive and so for the faulty and weight of the fabric and how the garments are put together we are unbelievably competitive on our pricing structure.

How do you think the fashion industry can be improved?

Stop making cheap throw away fashion. Pay factories and secondary suppliers a fair wage. Have minimum prices points on clothing items. Stop people from buying rubbish clothes what they wear once and then discard.

Do you have any other designers that inspire you? Who’s your idol? (In fashion and otherwise)

As someone very commercial and so design orientated, I would say Paul Smith, as he is from Nottingham and close to wear, I live. I bought a shirt from his store 30 years ago and I still wear it now. Its never dated. That’s what I want Masson & Green to aspire to.

Is there a specific type of style you aim for when designing your products or do you experiment with different styles throughout the whole process of creating an item?

Everyday core items that I have in my wardrobe. Nothing fancy or off the wall. Just staple, honest every day styles that can be worn for multiple reasons and will look great year after year.

In what ways does your brand interact with the consumer?

I answer personally every return, complaint or question. If someone takes the time out to email you, you should response back personally in my opinion.

What kind of message do you want your brand to reflect on the public?

Great value. Honest brand. Trying to help create a better future by reducing climate issues.

Where do you see your brand in the near future?

Continuing producing similar garments but the name being more widely recognised that what it is current.

Which aspects of your production process have changed over time and why?

Nothing has changed…Yet. We are still a young brand but we do tweak the measurement charts based on the returns and why these are being returned. For example, recently we have increased the sizing on Large, XL and XXL on our t-shirts due to the returns being high as these were fitting a little snug for the UK market.

The name Masson & Green comes from “Masson” Mill, a huge cotton producer in the UK once owned by Sir Richard Arkwright and the “Green”, as this is connected with being environmentally friendly. The greyhound logo is from the Greyhound Hotel base in Cromford in which the cotton workers used to go and drink at. The hotel and mill are still there today.

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