In conversation with  Tanja Mrnjaus Co-Founder and Community Manager of Love Hero. Love Hero, now available on Alfa Vega is a brand that believes in spreading Love and becoming a Hero to the world. With their fun yet responsibly produced accessories and clothing, made using innovative materials they are building a path to a new future.
Q1. What inspired you to pursue building your brand and bringing it to life?

After many years of working in the fashion industry, we witnessed the alarming amount of waste and irresponsible production practices. This realisation made us introduce a different approach. Our passion for travel, vibrant colors, inclusive design, and ethical wear inspired us to establish LOVE HERO.

Q2. What were the biggest challenges you faced in launching your brand?

Securing funding and finding capital to promote our responsible message were the most significant challenges we encountered. The fashion industry is saturated with competition and plagued by greenwashing, making it difficult to stand out.

Q3. Why do you believe sustainability in the fashion industry is of utmost importance?

The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to environmental and social pollution. It is crucial for us to evolve and adopt a more conscious business model that prioritizes the well-being of the planet and its people.

Q4. Can you share the most valuable lesson you've learned from working in the fashion industry?

The most valuable lesson I have learned is the importance of being adaptable to change.

Q5. Could you provide insights into the fabrics and materials you utilize and the reasons behind your choices?

Through extensive research and development, we are committed to sourcing the most innovative and sustainable materials available in the market. By collaborating with leaders in sustainability, we can leverage our collective knowledge and skills to create a more sustainable future. Here is a summary of the sustainable elements incorporated into our collection and business:

  • Our organic cotton is traceable and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
  • We use viscose that can be traced back to certified and controlled forests.
  • Our fabrics include REPREVE® recycled bottles, providing a second life for these materials.
  • We utilize some of the most sustainable trims currently available on the market.
  • Our packaging is made from recycled, compostable, and biodegradable materials.

Q6. What makes your products stand out?

Original colour and print inspired by nature, we are all about dopamine dressing.

Q7. A lot of people find working in the fashion industry fascinating. What does your usual work routine consist of?

A lot of research, keeping up with latest innovation, attending events/launches and seeking inspiration.

Q8. How do you think the fashion industry can be improved?

By being more conscious and inclusive.

Q9. Do you have any other designers that inspire you? Who’s your idol? (in fashion and otherwise)

Yes, absolutely big fans of Yohji Yamamoto, Farm Rio and Rick Owens. We love wearable art.

Q10. Is there a specific type of style you aim for when designing your products or do you experiment with different styles throughout the whole process of creating an item?

It needs to be free, comfortable, colourful and relaxed.

Q11. In times of tough challenges how do you overcome them?

Try to write in a gratitude journal.

Q12. In what ways does your brand interact with the consumer?

Usually through social media and pop-up events.

Q13. What kind of message do you want your brand to reflect on the public?

Joyful, relaxed, and inspiring.

Q14. Where do you see your brand in the near future?

We want to have concept stores in London, Ibiza, LA, and Mexico. Have a presence in top sustainable resorts and hotels around the world. Become the go-to brand for resort wear. Develop a studio incubator to test and support other emerging and innovative fashion, interior, and lifestyle brands.

Q15. Which aspects of your production process have changed over time and why?

We have always produced responsibly and sustainably. We hope to move to more local production and work with an on-demand model.

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