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Eco-friendly Sanitiser Pouch - Grey Linen

VENDOR: Kapdaa (UK)



An adorable, eco-friendly wrist bag perfect for carrying your sanitizer, cards or cash while you're on the go. 

The petite size and slim strap will hold your essentials while making you look and feel light and free!

Each bag was ethically handcrafted from offcuts salvaged from designers and brands making these slim pouches great for you and the environment.


KAPDAA (pronounced cup-a-dah) is a multi-award winning, sustainable fashion brand. They collaborate with designers, mills and brands to convert their fabric offcuts (pieces leftover after your garment is created) into gorgeous, limited edition, eco-friendly accessories and stationery. So far, they have saved over 10,000 meters from going to landfill! #everypiecematters


Offcuts salvaged from designers


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All our labels align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. All the labels showcased on our platform are a part of this initiative. KAPDAA aligns with the following:

Eco-friendly Sanitiser Pouch - Grey Linen

Eco-friendly Sanitiser Pouch - Grey Linen