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Eco-friendly Italian Tencel Biodegradable Green Paisley Hankie



Embrace the epitome of elegance with this flamboyantly sustainable and ethical men's clothing accessory. Crafted from 100% Tencel, it exudes a soft, dashing charm. This pocket squares are the perfect complement to unstructured blazers, featuring a captivating paisley motif. Handmade in Como, Italy, this biodegradable fabric embodies modernity and environmental consciousness, offering versatile styling options. This scarves and hankies are crafted from TENCEL Modal, an extraordinary eco-friendly fabric sourced from sustainable tree farms. Experience the softest fabric imaginable, starting from the trees and ending as a naturally sustainable masterpiece. In a world where 10,000 fashion items end up in landfills every 5 minutes, this 100% biodegradable scarves and hankies allow for guilt-free disposal, either in the compost or by returning them for responsible waste management. Redefine your style with sustainable sophistication.


Neem designs clothing for the post COVID world with a greener focus, where men can look smart and feel comfortable. We will be unravelling the truth of modern menswear and reinstating a new, improved way of working that not only looks after the planet but the people behind the clothing. Neem products are based on style with substance, clothing that has a very low Green House Gas impact and that can be recycled. The Neem collection is transitional, versatile and designed for the lives we live today – we call it power casual. 
This is menswear with a conscience.


- 100% Tencel


One Size


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   Planet kind and people kind manufacturing

  Made from recycled yarn

   Packaging plastic Free

Supply Chain: Spun in Spain by Ferre, woven in Italy by Canclini and made in Romania by Poletti

All our labels align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. All the labels showcased on our platform are a part of this initiative. NEEM aligns with the following:

- Accreditations:

  Global Recycle Standard

One Size
Eco-friendly Italian Tencel Biodegradable Green Paisley Hankie

Eco-friendly Italian Tencel Biodegradable Green Paisley Hankie

One Size