SeaCell Fabric

Yaro Slings Dandy Aqua-Green Natural SeaCell Wrap (seacell)

SeaCell is a revolutionary sustainable material that has made its mark in the fashion industry for all the right reasons. Crafted from seaweed and sustainably sourced wood pulp, SeaCell offers a plethora of eco-friendly advantages, making it an excellent choice for conscious consumers. SeaCell stands out as an environmentally responsible option. The seaweed used in its production is sourced from renewable resources, ensuring minimal impact on marine ecosystems. Additionally, the wood pulp is derived from responsibly managed forests, contributing to the preservation of our precious woodlands.

1. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): The Global Organic Textile Standard is one of the most widely recognized certifications for organic textiles, including fibers like SeaCell. GOTS ensures that the production and processing of the material meet strict environmental and social criteria, from harvesting the raw materials to the final product.

2. EU Ecolabel: The EU Ecolabel is a voluntary label that certifies products and services with reduced environmental impacts. SeaCell's eco-friendly production process aligns with the criteria set forth by the EU Ecolabel, making it a certified sustainable choice.

3. Oeko-Tex Standard 100: Oeko-Tex is a globally renowned certification that ensures textiles are free from harmful substances. SeaCell's skin-friendly and non-toxic properties meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements, making it safe for consumers and the environment.

4. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC): The FSC certification guarantees that the wood pulp used in SeaCell's production comes from responsibly managed forests. This certification emphasizes sustainable forest management, biodiversity conservation, and the rights of local communities.

5. European Biodegradable Products Institute (OK Compost): SeaCell is biodegradable and compostable, and it has received the OK Compost certification from the European Biodegradable Products Institute. This certification ensures that the material breaks down naturally and returns to the earth without causing harm.

Why choose SeaCell?
1. Eco-Friendly: SeaCell's production process is closed-loop, which means it uses minimal water and solvents. This reduces waste and lessens the strain on natural resources, making it an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious customers.
2. Skin-friendly: SeaCell fabrics are incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. Rich in essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E from the seaweed, they promote a soothing and comfortable wearing experience.
3. Breathability and Durability: SeaCell fabrics are highly breathable, ensuring comfort throughout the day. Moreover, the material is known for its durability, making the garments long-lasting and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Upcycled and Recycled SeaCell:
Taking sustainability up a notch, upcycled and recycled SeaCell presents an even better option. By utilizing post-consumer SeaCell waste or reprocessing existing garments, we can conserve resources, reduce waste, and minimize our carbon footprint.

In conclusion, SeaCell is an exceptional choice for sustainable fashion enthusiasts. With its renewable sourcing, eco-friendly production process, and remarkable benefits, it exemplifies our commitment to making sustainable shopping effortless for our customers. Elevate your style while preserving our planet with SeaCell, and explore our range of eco-conscious fashion today!


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