As a company we believe in protecting the environment we live in today and building a better future. Therefore, we are creating a community of people passionate about sustainability to guide you and provide you with tips on how to lead a sustainable lifestyle.
That's why we have decided to start a monthly list of some of our favourite sustainable influencers that are worth following!


Alexandra Russ @alexandrasdotme 4,329 followers:

Sometimes it's not about the number of followers but about the quality of the content. We start our list with Alexandra, who believes in responsible consumerism when it comes to addressing the climate change. She is all for leading a sustainable fashion mindset valuing quality, sustainable pieces and luxury over quantity and fast fashion.


Scott Staniland @twinscott 53.7K followers:

A model, a brand ambassador, but most importantly a sustainability advocate. Scott is worth following because he shares ideas about leading a zero-waste journey with subjects focused on electric vehicles and sustainable fashion. He is currently working on sustainability related campaigns and projects at Green TV. 


Christina Sedona @sedonachristina 44.2K followers:

A slow fashion advocate with a strong belief of making an impact! This is what defines Christina. Through her social media channels, she promotes sustainable gift ideas, highlights some brands' best efforts towards sustainability and gives some tips regarding low waste DIY’S. 


Gaia @ssustainabily_  54.2K followers:

Gaia’s Instagram page shows the negative impacts of the fashion industry. She also uses social media to illustrate the problems related to greenwashing and fast fashion. Moreover, she focuses on suggesting some international online and in-store vintage shops which could be interesting to have a look at.


Eva @captainbobcatblog 17.5K followers:

An UK based influencer and environmentalist. Through her Instagram page and blog, she talks about interesting themes such as eco-friendly living, recycling and buying ethically, not to forget that she also shares some vegan recipes that are definitely worth trying! 


Marina Testino @marinatestino 53.1K followers:

Aside from being a model, Marina is an 'ARTivist' who wants to raise awareness about unconscious consumerism while focusing on concepts related to climate change such as water waste and plastic pollution. It is also important to note that, she is the founder of the mission-driven micro agency called “Point Off View”, which highlights her passion towards environmental sustainability.


Madeleine Olivia @madeleineolivia 89.7K followers:

A blogger and a writer of already three e-books, Madeleine is all about the Earth.  She supports the reduction of plastic waste and addresses  the over spending in our society. In addition to that, she constantly shares with her followers her passion for animals and veganism. Madeleine’s overall mission is working to be a better version of herself!


Kristen Leo @kristenleo 77.8K followers:

Kristen covers important characteristics of eco-living through her posts. Her main ideas are about ethical and conscious living, veganism and fair fashion. Her mission is to save the planet while also promoting a cruelty free wardrobe and lifestyle.


Rachel Ama @rachelama 235K followers:

Rachel is an advocate for veganism which goes hand in hand with sustainable lifestyle, she posts some interesting vegan recipes on her YouTube Chanel and on Instagram. All of her recipes are out of this world and super delicious, so why not give them a try!


Tolmeia Gregory @tolmeia 17.4K followers:

Tolmeia is a young influencer who started blogging back in 2012, and has now built an important platform revolving around climate change and also  highlighting the problems of the fashion industry. She credits the event of the Rana Plaza factory disaster (back in 2013) for providing her with a "learning journey" about how our garments are made and impacting her journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


 We hope that you enjoyed our May's sustainable infuencers list. Come back next month for a list of more amazing people to follow!