It’s a new month which means we’re dropping new names of influencers that will help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you're looking for environmental activists and sustainability advocates for inspiration, then we are here for you! Let's discover together new tips, interesting missions and engaging purposes. 

Here’s the list of our favourite sustainable influencers to watch out for this July.

Jen Brownlie @jen.brownlie:

On top of our list is Jen, who believes that life’s luxuries can still be enjoyable in a sustainable way. Her posts are focused on interesting advice regarding green beauty, slow fashion and simple living. Her purpose is to explain to her audience that the idea of living ethically is not about sacrificing the things that you love, but finding alternative ways to live. 

Candice M Tay @candicemtay:

Candice shares advice based on personal experiences. She encourages her followers to adopt a conscious consumerism mindset. So, if you’re looking to switch to a more sustainable way of life, then Candice is the one you should refer to! 

Lauren Singer @Trashisfortossers:

Lauren is the founder of the Zero waste shop called “Package free shop”, which is a carbon neutral, a plastic free and a waste free business. In addition to that, Lauren has been leading a Zero waste life since 2012, and shares DIY’s to her followers about reducing waste as much as possible, and makes it a point to talk constantly about environmental issues.  

Georgette @sustainablysage:

Georgette’s motto is “Progress over perfection”, and this is how she defines a sustainable lifestyle. Her Instagram posts are about low waste living and plant-based diet. It is also interesting to look at her insightful and helpful DIY’S which contributes to her low waste journey.

Kathleen Elie @consciousnchic:

Kathleen explains well the meaning of living an amazing sustainable lifestyle, and gives some ideas regarding where to shop in order to lead an eco-friendly life. This lady also provides her followers with advice about non-toxic beauty and veganism.

Manuela Barón @thegirlgonegreen:

Her Instagram name says it all! Manuela is on a mission to save the planet. Her inspiration came from traveling the world and discovering new places which is how her passion for protecting the environment grew. She constantly promotes the ongoing problems regarding climate change and makes sure to provide solutions to it. 

Besma @besmacc:

Besma is a fashion enthusiast, the founder of “Ethical influencers”, an advocate for sustainable fashion and a blogger with the name “Curiously Conscious”. Her profile definitely highlights her passion for living an eco-friendly life.

Leah-Jane Musch @unmaterialgirl:

Lea-Jane defends the idea of slow fashion. What’s interesting to look at here, is how she has changed her career path: from owning a fashion brand in 2013 to now being in the consultancy part of businesses where she focuses on the good that a company can create.

Tim Silverwood @timsilverwood:

Tim’s passionate about the idea of having a beautiful clean ocean. His profile is quite impressive. He is the co-founder of Ocean Impact Organization and Take 3 For the Sea. This influencer is very active when it comes to organizing events to raise awareness and defend his environmental cause revolving around saving the ocean.

Kira Simpson @thegreenhub:

In the content that they create, Kira and her team share personal experiences with their readers while providing tips and DIY’S on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, which is quite engaging and fun to look into!


We hope that you've found pleasure in reading the article. We promise you for more inspiration next month!