Sometimes we look out for role models who motivate us to be a better version of ourselved. When it comes to talking about the environment in particular, there are a lot of influential people out there sharing the same mission which is leading us to adopt a more sustainable way of life. 

Here's the list our 10 favourite sustainable influencers worth following this September. 

Anita Vandyke @rocket_science:

First of all, let's introduce Anita, who is known for being the best-selling author of “A Zero Waste Life”. She uses her social media channels to talk about low-waste living, while showcasing her minimalist lifestyle and providing specific solutions regarding the issue of plastic waste.

Erin Rhoads @therogueginer:

Erin has one of Australia’s favorite zero-waste blogs called “The Rogue Ginger”, and is the co-founder of Zero Waste Victoria, Plastic Bag Free Victoria and Zero waste Festival. Impressive profile to look into! Well, her sustainability journey is about highlighting the best ways to live a zero-waste life that can be suitable for each and every one of us. 

Caroline Ginolfi @plantbasedblonde:

Caroline is a plant-based nutritionist who uses her platform to promote conscious consumption. She believes that food is as powerful as medicine and constantly shares recipes to illustrate her point of view. The idea behind her platform is to make a conscious change through food!

Mikaela Loach @mikaelaloach:

You might have seen her recently on BBC news discussing the lack of response from the British government concerning the climate crisis, issues  with the fossil fuel industry and the importance of anti-racism and climate justice.


Jessica’s content is about the relationship between ethical fashion and feminism. She uses her platform called “” to show the negative aspects of the retail industry when it comes to environmental sustainability, but also promotes the idea behind being a conscious fashion buyer.  What is more interesting is her career - she has shifted from being employed in a British corporation that was far from sustainable to now working for a cause that she is passionate about!

Ayesha Barenblat @remakeourworld:

Ayesha is the founder of Remake which is a company promoting a conscious consumer movement. The influencer’s aim is to build a sustainable supply chain that respects people and the planet at the same time. Looking more in depth at her profile, it is remarkable to see that Ayesha has led interesting conversations at the United Nations Partnership and has contributed to the development of safe and respectful working conditions of fabric factories all over the world. 

Aja Barber @ajabarber :

Aja is one of the most influential voices when it comes to sustainability in fashion. She is a writer, a stylist and a consultant who educates and inspires people through her work which covers many fields. One of her main goals is to address the issues in the fashion industry by covering topics such as inequality, racism, feminism and more. 

Kate nelson @plasticfreemermaid:

Known as the "water woman" Kate has been living a plastic free life for a few years now. She committed to such lifestyle after seeing the damages that were done to the ocean. Her blog “I Quit Plastic” reflects her mindset towards environmental sustainability. Additionally, this influencer is an activist and a science communicator. She is often seen interacting with important politicians, is a speaker at schools and helps clean out beaches.

Zoe Hong @zoehong:

Zoe’s aim is to lead people towards a better fashion industry. This fashion designer and illustrator wants to raise awareness about conscious style while focusing more on the quality of the clothes instead of the quantity. She clearly shows her passion for ethical fashion through her insightful content.

Martina Lubian @martina_lubian:

Martina is passionate about sustainable fashion. She is all for leading a conscious life and through her content shows us that slow fashion can look good. Her goal is to minimize the negative impact that the retail industry has on the environment.


We hope that this list provided you with interesting content. Come back for another round of sustainable influencers next month!